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What is the Best Free Embroidery Software Home Use

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Embroidery isn’t the cheapest hobby out there.

Investing in an embroidery machine would cost you hundreds of dollars. Buying threads can also cost a lot.

Thus, you can’t blame yourself if you’re looking to save a few dollars by downloading free embroidery software online.

After all, embroidery software can cost as much as $500 which isn’t really cheap these days.

Fortunately, there is several good embroidery software that you can download online.

Of course, you can’t expect these programs to be as comprehensive as the paid ones.

For one, free embroidery software may not have as many integrated designs as those paid programs.

Customization may also be very limited, and you may not even be able to view your designs from different angles.

Still, if you’re not the picky type of embroidery enthusiast, these four best free embroidery software should suffice:

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What is the Best Free Embroidery Software Home Use

1: My Editor

My Editor is a free and user-friendly viewing and editing software.

According to its developer, it was created to enable embroidery enthusiasts to view and modify embroidery files, and the save them in any embroidery file formats.

It also has extra browsing and saving capabilities on top of tools for enhanced production and material management.

With this free embroidery software, you can open and edit NGS files and save it to different embroidery machine file formats.

You can also perform basic functions like deleting/inserting/replacing stitches.

Other functions that this software has include previewing the designs with different fabrics, resizing and rotating designs, and 3D preview of the embroidery designs.

The software also automatically adjusts stitch file density when it resizes the design, and allows you to select the design objects by color and special function.

You can also customize the workspace.

This program is available in various operating systems including Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Vista.

free embroidery software
Free embroidery software

2. TrueSizer

This is one of the more popular free embroidery software that you can find on the Internet.

This is actually a freemium software, meaning you can only access certain basic functions for free.

If you are to get the premium functions you’ll have to pay $99 for the Pro version.

Still, the free version isn’t a bad deal.

There are two versions—the TrueSizer Web which is designed for people who are always on the go, and the TrueSizer Desktop which is intended for desktop computers.

The TrueSizer Web can be used on Apple and Android devices.

With this software, you can read and convert popular file formats, resize and rotate embroidery files, open and save .EMB files, and view multiple colorways.

However, you won’t be able to create and save multiple colorways, recolor designs, open multiple designs, match thread to colorways, and display design in hoops, among others.

You also won’t be able to access the 50-plus template designs available on this program.

These functions are only available on the paid version.

But still, the free version should be enough if you’re just starting on the hobby.

Moreover, you’re getting software from what is considered by some as the best embroidery and apparel decoration software maker in the world, Wilcom.

free embroidery software

3: Bernina Artlink7

Like TrueSizer, this is another freemium program that you might want to download and try if you’re short on budget for embroidery software.

Like the other software, this is highly-recommended software for beginners who want to grow their skills in embroidery.

The newest version of Bernina Artlink allows users to easily re-size and re-color designs of their projects.

You can use this to reformat and download designs from your computer to a Bernina embroidery machine.

It has also been upgraded so that it is compatible with Windows 8.1, aside from the enhanced user interface of the software.

And the good news is that you don’t have to use a Bernina embroidery machine to be able to use this software, as Artlink7 is compatible with most embroidery machine brands.

With this program, you can edit a current embroidery design in Artistic View, view color combinations, and print out the embroidery preview in its original size so you can determine the effect of your color combinations as accurately as possible.

free embroidery software

4: BES Embroidery Software 3

The BES Embroidery Software 3 is from Brother, one of the most popular brands of embroidery machine.

It is a feature-rich program that should be useful for all embroidery enthusiasts regardless of their expertise level.

If you’re a beginner, you should try this program as you can design and edit beautiful monograms, lettering, and border designs.

There are more than 190 integrated pre-digitized fonts in this program, aside from 145 built in applique designs, 77 built-in accent designs, and 77 built in border designs.

This software is also compatible with most brands of embroidery machine, meaning you don’t really need to own or use a Brother Embroidery machine in order to use it.

It is very user-friendly with easy to understand icons.

You can make special design effects, arrange and align designs, change stitch types, and preview the new garment templates so you would know how your design would look like in real life.

The software looks like a really good steal, but there’s a catch.

It is only “free” for 30 days.

free embroidery software

Once the free trial period lapses, you would have to pay to continue using the program.

That said, the BES Embroidery Software 3 is still good software to download and try especially if you’re on the lookout for a very functional embroidery software.

It doesn’t hurt that you can get access to a lot of its functionalities albeit on a limited period.

These are four of the best free embroidery software that you can download on the internet for free.

Try any of these embroidery programs now and see what types of designs that you can make with them.

You’d be surprised at how useful the software is despite their limited functionalities.

And by the time you grow your skills as an embroidery enthusiast, maybe you can try the paid versions later on.

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