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The Top 3 Best Commercial Embroidery Machines Brands

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When it comes to any discussion of the best commercial embroidery machines brands, three names come to mind, and those are Singer, Brother and Janome.

These manufacturers have established solid reputations and have devoted follower everywhere, but which one is the best?

To help answer that question I have decided to compare the three and what they have to offer.


Singer brand is no more selling home or commercial embroidery machines on Amazon.com. You will only find sewing machines at the site. The brand also has one embroidery machine on their site but is out of stock (be aware of that).

At the bottom of our articles, we will display only DoubleIn and Janome brands Commercial machines images, which are clickable.

Brother brand is not selling commercial embroidery machines on Amazon either.



Singer is well known for their sewing and embroidery machines that are feature packed yet easy to use.

A good example of this is the 9960 Quantum Stylist as it comes with an automatic needle threader and a specially designed bobbin system that allows for easy and quick set ups.

Singer embroidery units have several stitches built in so you can get started quickly, and in many of these machines, you are going to find one-step buttonholes that are fully automated as well as different fonts so you can unleash your creativity.

A good example of this is the Futura XL-400 as it allows you to make and edit embroidery on your computer using the software bundled in.

Once you’re done creating the design you use the USB cable provided to transfer your creation to the Futura XL-400.

Note that while we’re talking about the Futura XL-400, the process is similar to their other embroidery machines.

Singer embroidery machines usually have large hoops with multi-hooping, and most of their models come with several embroidery designs built in, so even if you’re new to embroidery you’ll be able to get started quickly.

In addition Singer machines come with several fonts, and many of them employ the SwiftSmart threading system so setting up is quicker compared to other embroidery machines in the market.

Just like their sewing machines, Singer embroidery systems are equipped with several sewing stitches.

In other words they are a combination embroidery and sewing machine, and the inclusion of an automatic needle threader minimizes the effort that comes with setting it up.



Like the Singer, Brother manufactures a wide range of embroidery and sewing machines that cater to the needs of different individuals.

The features and specs for each machine differ but they do share some common features like a generous embroidery field, an essential element if you want to create several designs without being cramped for space.

Brother embroidery models are also known for their multi-position hoops that make it easy to embroider sizable designs, and this also means you can do a lot more without the need to re-hoop constantly, which is one of the most annoying problems with most embroidery machines.

Brother machines are known for their built-in presets and with models like the SE1800 that’s exactly what you get.

The SE1800 has 136 embroidery designs built in as well as half a dozen embroidery lettering fonts, and you can expect the same thing from their other models.

A USB flash drive port is a standard feature in Brother embroidery models, and this is what will allow you to store and manage all your designs.

Speaking of design management, an LCD screen is built into these machines so you can edit, rotate, scale and mirror your embroidery design.

What really makes Brother embroidery machines cost effective is they can double up as a sewing machine.

Not only do you get a full featured machine for embroidering, but taking the SE-1800 again as an example, it’s also a sewing machine with 184 stitches plus a custom stitch feature so you can have the design just the way you like it.

These embroidery machines are also notable for being easy to use and come with automatic needle threading and a top drop in bobbin system.

Basically what this means is the machine automatically takes the bobbin thread, saving you money and time.

Brother machines have a lot of features but as you’d expect from the brand, the interface is easy to understand, with the controls within quick reach.



Janome manufactures a diverse range of embroidery machines with costs ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Regardless of the type, you can expect a fully functional embroidery machine that can handle most of your needs whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Some Janome embroidery machines come with bonus bundles that consist of extra tip needles, bobbins and other accessories, and the software makes it easy to create and add embroidery to home décor items, garments and other objects.

While these machines have different features, operation is easy and often just requires snapping the hoop in and hitting a key.

USB ports are standard in Janome embroidery machines, and this is good because you can use it to transfer your computer embroidery designs without any problems.

If you shop online for Janome embroidery models you’re going to see they have different specs, and that is good news for buyers because you’ll have an easier time finding the right machine for your needs and budget.

Among the most common features on these embroidery machines are built in designs and fonts, backlit LCD touchscreen, auto thread cutters and high presser foot lifts.

A lot of these models also have manual thread tension controls and full rotary hooks, and tracing functions are often built into them as well.

Do keep in mind that these features are only meant to give you an idea of what these brands have to offer.

For more information you need to check their individual products and what they offer.


The Verdict – What is the Best Brand?

The bottom line: the best commercial embroidery machines brands is something only the end user can decide because what works for me may not work great for you.

We have to stress again that all three companies manufacture a wide range of embroidery machines to meet the needs of specific individuals.

Rather than taking a general approach to comparing the brands, it’s much better to make a list of the things you will need, set a budget and look for the appropriate Singer, Brother or Janome machine that matches them.

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