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How to Building Your Brand Through Embroidered Items

How to Building Your Brand

Embroidered items, logos and patches are often used in the military, medical and other emergency services as well as various other adventure groups to identify themselves and their purpose.

This not only shows how useful embroidery can be but how this can be applied to building your brand through embroidered items: to put it simply, embroidery items and logos can be used to send your brand’s message across.

There are a lot of ways an item or patch can be embroidered including, Velcro, iron-on backing and using an embroidery machine.

Regardless of the method you use, there’s no questioning the benefits that your branding campaign will receive, including the following.

Cost Effective

Embroidering items is more cost effective compared to other methods of creating logos, and competition among manufacturers has brought the price down so you can buy one on a budget.

There are different types of machines online, and you’ll have no trouble finding good models for less than $300.

How to Building Your Brand
How to Building Your Brand Through Embroidered Items


If you do a bit of research on these machines, you’re going to realize just how versatile they are.

Whether your brand is promoting caps, sweaters, jackets, shirts or other types of clothing, it’s not that difficult to embroider it with your company’s logo, adding consistency to your products while establishing name and brand recall.

Another reason to use embroidered items is you can attach them anywhere on the product, wherever it is you find it is appropriate.

However, embroidered items do more than just embed the name of your brand, as it also offers a way for your company to establish a connection with your customers and clients.

There are some serious embroidery item collectors out there, and if those on your products are of high quality, people will start to patronize them for the embroidery alone.

Built to Last

The whole point of embroidering is to establish name recall for your brand, and the longer the item lasts the better for your company.

Fortunately, today’s embroidery machines produce high quality patches that can withstand repeated cleaning and cycling without the shape or appearance changing.

Embroidery Options

The most effective way for your embroidery to stand out is to make it unique and at the same time conveys the message you want to send.

There are different ways to do this, with sew on quite popular owing to their permanence.

Another thing about sew-on is they can be removed and sewn again without too much difficulty.

Embroidery items may also be ironed on or applied via stick on, depending on your preferences.

To further make your embroidery pieces stand out, here are some suggestions.

Tips for Making High Quality Brand Embroidery Logos

There are instances whereby the embroidery piece has to be scaled up and this could cause pixilation.

To prevent this from happening you have to use the largest graphic possible.

Create the piece with as large a graphic as possible and add as much detail as possible so whether the image is scaled up or down all the pertinent details will still be there.

While you’re working on the embroidery, try to reduce the number of outlines, fine lines and white / light colored lines.

As a rule it’s best to minimize the use of light colors because they rarely come out the way you expect them to.

This has to do with the fact that several narrow stitches are needed to embroider a single fine line.

The end result of this is the stitches produce negative space that appears dotted.

To avoid this situation you can darken some of the details so they’re more conspicuous.

Don’t attempt to use gradients because it’s just not possible.

The closest way you can approximate this effect is by overlapping differently colored threads, and if done properly can deceive the eye.

However this could result in the loss of some graphic details, so it’s usually better to change these into solid colors instead.

A word here about text: don’t use too many words and don’t make them too small: ¼ inch has to be the minimum.

Remember that your objective is to make the text readable at arm’s length and further if possible.

Don’t make the text too small because that’s going to turn off a lot of potential customers who wouldn’t understand your brand’s message.

As to which fabric lends itself well to text, the best option is usually nylon or any other fine thread.

Even so you need to keep the size at ¼ inch minimum.

How to Building Your Brand
How to Building Your Brand

Other Important Reminders

How to building your brand via embroidery is no different from using other methods in the sense that whatever the design is, it must incorporate the essence of your product or service.

An attractive, memorable design is a must of course, but you must not lose sight of the overall objective, and that is building up your brand.

There’s also the matter of making sure you have the highest quality machine possible.

As was pointed out earlier here, embroidery machines have become more affordable than ever and with more features to boot.

Even if your needs are basic at this point, it’s better to invest in a high quality machine now as your branding campaign requirements could change in the future.

Last but not the least, make sure your machine is used to the fullest of its abilities, and that whoever is using it knows the operation thoroughly.

Having the most powerful and feature packed embroidery machine isn’t going to be of much use unless it is properly utilized.

To make the most of your embroidery items you have to know the ins and outs of the machine.

There are really two key elements here: the first is to have a concrete vision of the embroidery items you want to use to promote your brand, and second, buying and using an embroidery machine to help you realize that vision.

The work hand in hand and by focusing on both, you’ll be able to come up with the best possible combination to increase brand awareness.

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