There are multiple types of embroidery machines but only three leading brands in the Home Embroidery Machines industry. So depending on your needs you will want one or the other always taking into account your reasons for getting in the embroidery field. Most of the machines are not used only for embroidery, some of them are also used Embroidery machine, embroidery area, commercial embroidery machine, Stitch digitizing,computerized embroidery machine, Stitch, digitizingfor sewing and the commercial ones come with multiples needles allowing you to thread multiple colors before starting a design.

Of the 3 leading brands on the market Brother Machines are more user friendly, innovative, great-quality products, state-of-the-art accessories, and unparalleled software. This brand offers a large variety of machines to suit all skill levels and budgets. Followed by Singer Brand and then comes Janome. All of which will be fully reviewed through this site.

Most the sites online do not go straight to the points giving you the real meat of the subject by answering to the questions that most consumers ask themselves while looking to buy a machine embroidery. We give you the real tools and arm you with the essential information so that you can easily make up your mind on which machine to go for.

My recommendation for the best home embroidery machine can be found below with exhaustive detailed review. And the following section is dedicated to the accessories that any embroiderer cannot just go without while acquiring their machine.