The machine embroidery industry is thriving one where the various brands compete to conquer their market.

One thing is for sure not all brand are not created equal just as the machines themselves.

The competition provide the consumers with a large spectrum of choices, prices points and options and in so doing also create confusion in the mind of the buyer for the same type of products.

It may seems that these brands cater for the needs only a particular demographic, while leaving the people of all walk of life to figure out when shopping for these products.

On this site we do our extensive research to help out the consumer in general to decide which one of the leading brands we feature and review are suited to their real needs.

Since our endeavor is to help you the buyers we featured the items and brands we consider the best of their kind and have passed the test of time and of real users of the machines.

Most the articles and products we write about can be bought online and most of the time at a better price with shipping included (compare to retails stores) and with the highest warranties available today.

Here we will cover only the leading brands which are: