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Embroidery Embellishment Art of Dressing Elegantly


Embroidery embellishment is a powerful manner to upgrade your clothing or all other items that you may possess with your personal touch.

This way they become unique to you and your ways.

The alternative to embroidery embellishment could be heat transfer or screen printing which does not compete with the long lasting and elegant look of real embroidered items.

Embroidery is embellishment you can feel and has been used throughout history to enhance the look of various fabrics.

There are several classifications for embroidery depending on a few factors.

The first and foremost allocation of the art is resolved by stitch placement and fabric type.

Embroidery that is normally seen on article of clothing is known as counted thread embroidery.

With counted thread embroidery, a specific number of threads are sewn into a chosen fabric.

Counted thread embroidery usually uses woven cotton fabrics and other even-woven fabrics like linens and canvas.

The other type of embroidery is free embroidery which does not take into account the weave of the fabrics, as seen in traditional Asian inspired embroidery.

Embroidery is also classified into two different subgroups depending on if the stitches are placed on top of the foundation fabric, or through the foundation fabric.

Surface embroidery is the type that is done on top of the fabric.

Surface embroidery is typically the free embroidery type as opposed to counted thread embroidery.

Most counted thread embroidery is done through the fabric, which is classified as canvas embroidery.

In canvas embroidery, the stitches create a dense pattern that completely covers the entire foundation fabric.

Popular embroidery today is counted thread and canvas type.

Embroidery is used on all types of items including clothing, bags, hats, and other accessories.

Fancy stitching may be realized on a number of textiles as well, including silk, denim, twill, fleece, pique, and cotton.

Embroidered Apparel ranging from outerwear to business casual can be embroidered in any style.

Embroidery embellishment has become an advanced procedure including the process of putting the embroidery pattern in digital form.

The logo is then created by an advanced embroidery machine that can read this digital format.

The result is an impressive piece of art that comes from the ancient art form of embroidery.

Embroidery embellishment is the modern new Art that all top designers are using to enhance their seasonal creations.

Today the Art has gone main stream.

The need to stand out of modern living has made this possible.

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