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About Us

I am Self-employed who had been working from home on his computer for many years now, providing answers and solutions to many internet consumers on various important subjects such as: what is the best home embroidery machine actually available on the market for professionals as well as hobbyists?

I had been applying my vast commercial knowledge doing exhaustive research and interacting with world real consumers and to share, my and theirs experiences using embroidery machines for advertising and building brand and defining sense of self.

Why create HomeEmbroideryMachine.com?

I had been helping others for more than 20 years now building their businesses and helping them making the right choice in many field including choosing the right tools and making the right decision on what to focus.

So I feel qualified to do the same for the great majority of people worldwide providing in depth answers and solutions to their queries about machines such as Embroidery machines.

Also being a little bit of a computer wizard, I had come across on many forums as well as on Facebook the question of what is the best machine embroidery so far? How to identify it?

Embroidery and Craft Works
The one Million Colors of Embroidery and Craft Works

What to really look for?

And without forgetting those who just exposed the problems of their lack of prudence.

Time and time again people just forget to talk about the most important points to focus on such as the operative system on which are based most embroidery machines, How to resolve the fact that Embroidery machine are windows based?

Why their computer not compatible with their sewing machine software?

The memory card for embroidery only machine? Mac computers and embroidery machine software? Etc…

These are just some of the errors people make that I give a clear answer to, to help them decide easily and quickly to their complete advantage.

On this website, you will get straight forward information that is easy to understand, even for people that are just beginning as embroiderers or even sewers.

All the facts exposed are real users based experiences and updated.

Home Embroidery System Products Advertised on this Site

This Website does advertise various machines embroidery that are being sold on Amazon, a trusted worldwide retailer.

Certainly there many others home devices on the market than those you will find on this site, but I had reduced the overall selection only to present quality and tested products that I recommend.

In fact my choices are based on real user’s satisfactions and long run used of these apparels, family and friends alike.

During my research I also discovered few others alternatives that are just as good those, I would recommend them including all the accessories that come with them.

HomeEmbroideryMachines.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide website a mean to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com

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